Reef Master SL155 Sealife DC500 Underwater Digital Camera Pro

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Immerse yourself! Digital photography leaps from land to sea, in the sea that is. The acclaimed DC500 is a high-resolution 5 megapixel digital-camera that has a special rubber armoured body that lets you take it underwater up to 200 feet deep. And take great pictures too! SeaLife DC500 features a new “Shark Mode” for faster and sharper pictures of moving objects underwater and in sports photography on land. The Shark Mode is activated by simply pushing the camera’s OK button which focuses on the intended subject. The camera will now remember that focus range and take sharp pictures with virtually no shutter lag. Underwater, in diving or snorkeling, everything moves, the diver as well as sea creatures are in constant movement. In addition to the Shark Mode, the automatic Sea exposure mode will shorten the exposure time underwater for sharper pictures. The SeaLife DC500 ProSet is specifically designed for divers to take brighter, colorful pictures underwater. SeaLife’s unique Land & Sea exposure modes optimize picture quality in low-light conditions. With the (included) SeaLife External Electronic Flash (SL960), even brighter more colorful images can be captured. Large 2 LCD Display Pocket-size removable inner camera Rubber armored housing, rated to 200 feet / 60 msters Expandable with SeaLife lenses and flashes Focus – Auto Focus Land and Underwater – Wide -. 06m (2.3 ) to infinity; Normal -. 50m (20 ) to infinity; Tele -. 35m (14 ) to infinity Built-in Flash Modes plus External Flash for brighter images Movie JPEG Capability MPEG4-VGA/30 frames per second / File format – AVI Storage – Internal – 16 MB NAND flash memory, External – SD Card (and MMC card support) Connectivity – Docking Stations with USB connector, AV connector, AC Power adapter Dimensions – 2.3H x 3.6W x 0.9D (inner camera) / 3.5H x 5.5W x 3.4D (housing) / Weight – 17 ounces with housing and inner camera Batte

Reef Master SL155 Sealife DC500 Underwater Digital Camera Pro Set

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